Multifaceted Hand Carved Wooden Cross c014

код: AE3721
наличие: проданы
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A multifaceted hand carved wooden in boxwood made in the holy skete of Agios Dimitrios on Mount Athos. In the center is the Holy Mandelion and above is the Theotokos. On the left and right are saints Porphyrios Kafsokalivitis and Elder Paisios the Athonite. Finally, the faces of St. James Tsalikis and St. Athanasius of Athonite have been carved from the underside.

- Dimensions: Y: ~ 10.2 cm, Π: ~ 6.6 cm

- This wood-carved cross can also be tied with silver to be used as a pectoral.

- All displayed wood carvings in this category are unique and numbered because they are handmade.